One of our exceptional clients, an American educational firm, is placed among the top industrial giants in the global ed-tech sector. They predominantly commit with multilateral agencies (WHO, UNICEF) and work with top-tier partners to build, deliver and support MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses).  * First experiential learning technology built in India primarily aimed at students in levels 6 through 12.

1.Localization of Educational videos content and learning modules in 7 major Indian languages.  
2.Translation, voice-over narration, audio localization, re-integration of On-screen text (OST) and VO using authoring tools and proof reading.

1.In order to provide end to end solution, each of the tasks at hand had its own unique set of difficulties that had to be solved.  2.Lack of Glossary and instructions/guidelines for the languages to be translated.  3.Maintaining consistency across the files and languages due to huge word count.  4.Checking for accuracy  5.Fragments, Run-on Sentences  6.Homophones and inconsistency  7.Voice over artist selection and pronunciation guidelines.

Our strategy
In order to provide complete localization Transflow360 picks skilled technical linguists or translators with the requisite skill set to provide speedy delivery that enables firms to quickly cross geographic and cultural constraints. Involvement of linguists was particularly for the logics  Proof reading:
Gathering Translated Data from the L10n Project Manager   Choosing a crew of reviewers with a track record of doing high-quality work effectively and efficiently.  Manual QA at a high level, then available.  HMI rule documents, guidelines, and check lists were developed to ensure higher-quality outputs.  In-house QA tool that aids in validating and analyzing the critical content.  A. Choosing the right translators/linguist with the required skillset of translator to ensure timely delivery  B. Linguists were involved primarily for grammar rules and logics  C. Developed automation tool for content Merge/Extract/Update and to find punctuation differences, which helped to reduce manual efforts.  D. We utilized our SDL multiterm tool which helps to create the terminology for multiterm term base.  E. We installed language plugins to check the Grammar/Spell in the translation.  F. Customized in-house tools were used for issues like, Spelling issues, Capitalization, Punctuation, Spacing issues, which helped us deliver in limited time   G. A mix approach of using QA tools like Trados and Xbench were used to identify any other errors  H. Adherence of all steps mentioned above ensured error free and consistent localization

Voice over
1. Review of the script and guidelines  2.Share the samples with client and shortlisting VO talent  3.Prepare Pronunciation Guide based on client preference  4.Casting (multiple characters) and Recording  5.Postproduction- Clean, Edit and Review  6.Final QA  7.Delivery  Subtitling   Transcription: Transcribing the audio track from video file.  Spotting- Defining in and out times to synchronize with video  Translation- Translating from Source Language  Correction- Check for sentence structure, comprehension and overall flow  Simulation- Merge the translated subtitles with Video & make modifications of text & timing  Final QA  Delivery  Benefits    Effective communication of information to the target audience  Access new markets  Increased Conversion and Sales  Transflow   Transflow offers top-tier, cutting-edge localization solutions that are delivered by a team of committed engineers who make platform integration a breeze and a competent pool of in-house, native language specialists in technical fields, quality analysts, and multimedia designers