Requirements of the Client:
1) End to End Ad localization in regional Indian languages.
2) Scripting, VO artist Selection, Dubbing and Mixing

Localizing advertisements can be a highly creative process that involves Transcreation, in order to preserve the message which gives the feeling of originality. VO talent selection and Dubbing are the two major components in every social media. Ad Localization services we offer include Voice-over Dubbing, and high-quality sound production and Mixing. We cover a broad range of languages, dialects, so that the client can source the right artist from extensive database, all the recordings are made in our professional studios with engineering support to produce high quality, natural, accurate and professional voice-over.

Dubbing and Selection of suitable artists for Indian languages like Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Gujrati and Marathi, are challenging. Pacing has to be appropriate. Video involves multiple speakers at times spoke over each other, this requires great deal of experience to transcribe and timecode.

We at Transflow review the script and video. Our Transcreation team transcribes the audio track from the video file. Translation is done by translating from source language to English and then to the target language. Handpicked samples were shared with the client and VO talent were shortlisted. Preparation of pronunciation guide, based on client/brand guidelines are done. After Casting and recording, post production (Mixing) – clean edit and final review was made. At last Final Quality Assurance and Delivery is done.

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