From pinpointing languages with precision through our advanced Language Identification technology to transforming spoken words into written text with flawless Transcription services, we’re your gateway to seamless communication.

Our expertise extends to bridging language barriers through accurate Translation and enabling cross-script understanding with precise Transliteration. Elevate your content accessibility with our crystal-clear Text to Speech capabilities and professional-grade Voice Over services.

Delve deeper into vocal nuances with our cutting-edge Voice Print Analysis, unlocking valuable insights for various applications. We specialize in crafting bespoke solutions through Training Models and rigorously validating them with our robust Testing Models.

AI and Machine Learning

Pioneering the Future with AI and Machine Learning

In the age of data-driven transformation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are not just buzzwords; they’re the driving force behind innovation. At KPT, we are trailblazers in the AI and ML realm, shaping industries with groundbreaking solutions that redefine possibilities.

Language Identification

Language identification service is designed to determine the language spoken in an audio recording. We support more than 100+ languages, our model accepts audio in WAV and MP3 formats. Using convolutional and recurrent neural networks trained on extensive speech data, this end-to-end model takes raw waveform input without assumptions about phonetics or grammars. Instead, it infers relevant audio features, providing a probability distribution over recognized languages as the output.


Experience the power of clarity and accessibility with our Transcription service a revolutionary tool that converts spoken words into accurate and readable text, unlocking a world of possibilities for communication and understanding.


Converts a piece of content from source language to the destination language. Also covers layout fixing, formatting, image editing and proofreading. We take into consideration the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of the targeted populace.


Make language barriers disappear with our Transliteration service—a tool that effortlessly converts text between writing systems, ensuring clear communication and preserving cultural richness.

Text to Speech

Transforming Text into Melodic Expression with Text-to-Speech

Dive into a world of sound with our Text-to-Speech API—a cool tool that turns words into lively voices, adding a touch of magic to written content.

Voice Over

Conversion of text into audio formats. Voiceovers can be successfully rendered in different voices, ex. male, female, young or old by experienced artists as per the clients request.

Voice Print Analysis

Unveiling Identity through Voice: Explore Voice Print Analysis

Embark on a journey of cutting-edge identity verification with our Voice Print Analysis—a groundbreaking technology that decodes the unique vocal signatures of individuals, offering a secure and sophisticated layer of authentication.

Training Models

KPT Chatbot

KPT Chatbot is designed with a keen understanding of your needs. Whether you’re seeking information, assistance, or just a friendly chat, this intelligent bot is ready to engage. Its natural language processing capabilities ensure that interactions feel personalized and effortless.

Data Annotation

Data annotation involves assigning labels to unstructured data and information to train machine learning models. Raw data can take diverse forms such as images, video, text, and audio. When meticulously labelled, high-quality data plays a crucial role in aiding supervised machine learning models in tasks such as object identification, sentiment analysis, and functionalities like speech recognition or autonomous driving.

Voice Dubbing Services

Join Transflow360 on a transformative journey of voice dubbing services, where every intonation and expression speaks volumes across languages and cultures. Our meticulous process ensures that your message transcends linguistic barriers and resonates deeply with audiences worldwide.

Subtitling Service

At Transflow360, we understand the importance of clear and engaging content. Our subtitling service offers a meticulous and streamlined process to ensure your videos reach a global audience with precision and impact.