In the mobile app development industry, localization is one of the most commonly practiced marketing strategies. App localization describes the process of changing and fine-tuning an application to a specific geographical market. Localization is much more than just translation; it involves setting up your mobile app to be compatible with different markets around the globe. That can include unit conversion, date formats, numeric spaces, and even adjusting your app to social conventions, legal regulations, and technological variables.

Mobile application localization aims to create an app that:

  • Takes linguistic, cultural and technical differences into consideration
  • Doesn’t change the original intent or functionality of the original application
  • Looks and functions like it was originally created for the target language

Benefits of Mobile App Localization

Wider Audience: A properly translated app has the power to improve brand value and create meaningful interactions among your target customers’ native language.

Faster impact on the New Market: It is easier to succeed in the local markets if you localize your app content and launch it in the local markets. This way, you will have a significant impact on the global position of your application.

Better User Experience:  Localizing your app content into the audience native language, will not only spend more time on the app but would also recommend it to others. This way the app gains popularity in the market.



Research says that increasing retention by just 5% through customer loyalty programs can boost revenue by 25 to 95%. Mobile apps have revolutionized the business world and have made it so user-friendly and intriguing that everyone wishes to use them. The market is becoming more competitive because of the growing number of mobile apps available. Since many consumers are using smartphones, you need to take advantage of this and compel them to invest more money through it. In order to increase revenue from mobile business apps and make it a success, it is essential that you understand the customer’s needs. If your customers make a certain number of purchases, you can reward them with a discount.

Localization is the most personal form of relationship between customers and service providers.

Localizing your mobile application potentially increases the scales globally. Transflow helps your mobile application to reach higher revenues. What can be a better way than localization through which you get to effectively communicate with customers.