It would be challenging to gain a complete understanding of what is being said if you were not able to see a television show, movie, or a live performance. Visually expressed information such as gestures, character actions, or scenery would most likely be missed than audio. This is when Audio Description (AD) becomes useful.


What is Audio Description?

For those with visual impairments, description is the key to revealing detailed information that sighted people consume without a thought. In the media and live production industry, Audio Description (also known as “description”, “video description” or “visual description”) is defined as “the verbal description of major visual elements in media and live production.” Visual content is considered vital to the understanding of a program, and AD is meant to inform users about it. It would be difficult for visually impaired individuals to grasp a complete understanding of a given program without the assistance of AD. This is a description of the visuals on the screen that is included in the narrative in quiet moments when the characters are silent. For visually challenged individuals, being able to access AD means having the opportunity to speak with others about their favourite TV shows or movies and sharing in the joy and excitement that comes from watching something great.


How Does It Work?

The first step in creating audio description for an advertisement, TV show or a movie is to hire trained professional writers to write the descriptions which are inserted during pauses in the dialogue. It takes a lot of work like conscious thought and creativity. The descriptions are then professionally recorded in a studio where the describer uses specially designed computer software to identify the pauses in a program and to craft the most expressive and effective description.


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