Case study:Voiceover and Subtitling

Our client based out of Amsterdam is a world leader in online travel and related services, they wanted to increase their sales and target new buyers in APAC and AMER regions. KPT produced voice-over and subtitling in Mexican Spanish, Canadian French, English US, Vietnamese and all major Indian languages, so that the video content could now be used to effectively reach the buyers from different regions, resulting in sharp increase in website traffic, and successful sales.

Requirement from Client:
1) Full localization of the Video
2) Subtitling

KPT’s Media Localization Services:
Media localization services we offer include voice-over translation and high quality sound production. We cover broad range of languages, dialects, regional accents so that the client can source the right artist from extensive database, all the recordings are made in our professional studios with engineering support to produce high quality, natural, accurate and professional voice over.
Our dedicated Subtitling service unit provides subtitles in more than 160+ languages, which includes transcribing the text, text translation and time-coding the scripts

VO for languages like Spanish and French is challenging as these languages are wordy compared to English, pacing has to be appropriate.
Video involves multiple speakers, at times spoke over each other, this requires great deal of experience to transcribe and time-code.

Our Approach:

  • Review of the Script and Video
  • Share the samples with client and shortlisting VO talent
  • Prepare Pronunciation Guide based on client preference
  • Casting(multiple characters) and Recording
  • Postproduction- Clean, Edit and Review
  • Final QA
  • Delivery


  • Transcription: Transcribing the audio track from video file.
  • Spotting- Defining in and out times to synchronize with video
  • Translation- Translating from Source Language
  • Correction- Check for sentence structure, comprehension and overall flow
  • Simulation- Merge the translated subtitles with Video & make modifications of text & timing
  • Final QA
  • Delivery


  • Effective communication of information to the target audience
  • Access new markets
  • Increased Conversion and Sales

About KeyPoint Technologies
KeyPoint Technologies through its proven expertise has pioneered native language messaging and communication with world’s largest language base. Spearheading research in linguistics and AI, it has built the best suited next generation language and device solutions. We are trusted partners to OEMs, Operators, and App Developers for developing intelligent interfaces, engines & input experiences. Our product range includes world’s first AI powered, user-initiated, multi-lingual, search and discovery platform,
Xploree; A multilingual, multipurpose conversational chatbot called Xbot. We are also identified as a leader in the localization industry, providing end-to-end translation and localization solutions to help our clients attain their global communication, marketing and revenue goals.