Building, verifying and validation customised languages


The client had a mandate for us to provide them a ready to integrate, built, verified and validated language corpus solution to power the predictive engines on their devices.



The client wanted KeyPoint Technologies to power their mobile devices with a ready to integrate, built, verified and validated language corpus, vocabulary, test set, rules, n-grams for more than 30 languages. The languages included a mix of Asian and Global languages.

KeyPoint technologies a leader in the language space using advanced techniques in natural language processing, machine learning and machine intelligence, provided the client with the below mentioned services:

Services included:

  1. Built & Ready to Integrate Language Corpus
  2. Verification and Validation
KeyPoint used its experience in the domain to deliver the desired result by:
  1. NLP Algorithms for Romanization and Transliteration of Indic and other Global Languages
  2. Accurate Predictions using Advanced Deep Learning Methods
  3. Sentiment Analysis Algorithms for Multiple Languages
  4. Advanced In-house Quality Evaluation Tools-Keystroke Savings, Error Correction Accuracy, Auto Correction Accuracy
  5. Translation algorithms for Emoji Prediction across languages


Transflow 360 | Tick
Provided a customized, built language corpus for multiple languages
Transflow 360 | Tick
Validated and verified support for multiple languages
Transflow 360 | Tick
Romanization and Transliteration for different languages
Transflow 360 | Tick
Accurate Predictions
Transflow 360 | Tick
Emoji Prediction