Case study:Real Time Machine Powered Translation For A News Aggregator

The rapid advance of internet connectivity and the rise in consumption of regional news has caused a seismic shift in the way consumers interact with the media. This wave has created tremendous opportunities for news aggregators for customizing regional news experience.

Client:A popular news aggregator of South India wanted real time news translation in multiple vernacular (South Indian) languages to maximize news outreach and get loyal consumers for their platform.

Localizing content and producing originals to the English content that too in real time were the challenges here. The idea was to create an API that could translate English content in real time, followed by internal QA, before the articles got pushed in local languages.

With the rise in the number of people using vernacular languages for news consumption, loads of information can be stored, translated and transmitted between cultures and countries. For this case, the most important task in hand was to break through the language barriers. Outside being multilingual, one of the ways to solve this case was by leveraging machine translation and related technologies to translate between various regional languages.
The KPT team was able to leverage machine language translation by using neural networks. This enhanced the efficiency and quality of translation methods. Multiple articles were shared with us. The team evaluated the baseline quality, followed by in-depth customization of baseline engine to specifically suit client’s requirement. Post the machine translation, the linguist team at KPT edited and proof read all the articles before it went for publishing.

The client happy to get the extended support from the linguist team and the fact that the project was completed before time.

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