Case study:

Translation Services for Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Client is a global technology and analytics provider, headquartered in Newtown, Pennsylvania, that delivers outcomes on customer engagement to Fortune 500 clients with the help of leading analytical technologies and world-class global resources. Client uniquely combines historical data with the future needs of patients, physicians, consumers, or customers of our clients by going beyond the “who” and the “what” and understanding the “how” and “why” behind their decision-making. Client focuses on the 3E’s- Behavioral Expectations, Superior Experiences, Guaranteed Engagement- to help drive growth through customer-centricity. Client is a recognized thought leader in the industry and our work has been published in leading magazines and journals, such as Forbes, HBR and JMR.

About the Project:
KPT provided Localization Services in Chinese, Russian and major European languages, totaling over 5 lakh words.

  • Service name: Translation, Proofreading, Editing, Transcription and QA.
  • Language Pair: English to Chinese, Russian and Major European languages.
  • Service type: Localization
  • Word count: 5 Lakhs
  • Industry: Market Research

Project Overview

  • Project involving 5 lakh word count to be translated into 10 languages.
  • Experienced and culturally sensitive translators with a marketing or research background to render the piece of research material successfully,
  • Use of proprietary translation management system, Transflow for end-to-end management
  • Stringent client review and QA process met by KPT Project Management team.
  • Accomplished Project milestones & Client expectations within a very challenging time

Solution provided by KPT to client.

Translators with expertise in Market Research were handpicked through a stringent selection process.

Experienced and culturally sensitive translators with a marketing or research background are required to successfully translate research material in a manner that effectively engages the reader. Our team of market research translators undergoes a rigorous selection process to ensure their qualifications meet our high standards. In addition to our general criteria, which includes being native speakers with translation qualifications and several years of experience, our market research translators must also possess prior experience in marketing or research. All market research translations are meticulously reviewed by equally qualified linguists and thoroughly tested by our QA team. Furthermore, each translation project is overseen by a Project Manager who serves as the main point of contact between the client and the translators.

Project Approach
We began building a term base, by running through the source content through a proprietary term extraction tool to generate a list of specialized source terms. Each translation team began by translating and vetting the list of terms. Each team was comprised of linguists who were native speakers of the target languages and subject matter specialists in market research. We then created a bilingual glossary of terms, approved by the client to ensure consistency and accuracy. After translation, back translation was performed for the translated content, depending on client request, for their analysis, and will ask for clarification if anything in your documents is unclear.

Maintaining high quality standards via real time co-ordination with client reviewer
Client had a QA reviewer to review the translated content. As content was translated into different languages, our team had to ensure that there was consistency in style & tone and local adaptation due to regional specific language requirements. The review process was real time, and the client reviewer would share feedback daily through proprietary platform which was accessible to both the teams and the required updates were done within 24 hours.

The Result:
Enhance productivity and obtained precise, culturally sensitive outcomes for the surveys conducted in multiple languages. Our extensive expertise helped the client in handling digital surveys and proficiency with leading survey platforms enabled the client to offer optimal language solutions for web-based surveys. Seamless integration of word questionnaires into XMLs or similar scripts and conducting quality assurance checks on “live test” survey links. Additionally, translations we provided for open-ended responses or verbatims, helped the researchers gain comprehensive understanding and accurate analysis of their survey data.

About KeyPoint Technologies
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