Game Localization


Fantasy games provides a truly interactive, engaging and empowering experience that allows participants to feel included and involved in the happenings during a live ESports match. Client request was to translate the English content to all major South East Asian languages which include, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia.



Chinese is uniquely concise language which requires larger vertical space compared to English, this needs to be accounted during translation. Thai language has varying degree of formality and politeness which depends on the context, which is extremely crucial in Gaming domain.

Content is analyzed and then translation termbase is created which comprises of common game terms with approved translation in target language and parts of speech. Style guide will be prepared that includes guidelines about the style to be adopted for translation. Content translated is then sent to editors who check to make sure the quality is high and that all instructions have been followed. During the process, the translation assets are continuously updated. In-house Quality check will be done manually as well as automated tool to check for issues like missing punctuation, wrong capitalization, spelling errors and untranslated text. Finally engineers reintegrate the translated text, localized images with the remaining assets and create new localized files in the same format as source. Deliverables are the localized files, updated term base, style and character guides, translation memory, plus any comments or suggestions team would like to forward to the client. Based on client request functional and linguistic testing will be performed to ensure functionality of game is intact and accuracy of translation when the linguist is completely aware of the context.


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