Case study:
Data Sets and Text Annotation Services
Client is global leader in Conversational Automation, combining the power of artificial intelligence, automation technology and machine learning. Client wanted to deploy conversational AI capabilities to analyze and detect customer and agent-centric patterns across email, text, or chat to identify and eliminate points of friction in the customer journey. Client came to KPT as they were looking for structured data, as meaning insights can only be derived when entities are classified into predefined categories. Keypoint’s NER is designed to extract critical data from unstructured data to discover relationships among entities. Scope included providing and annotating datasets using the latest proprietary tools.

About the Project:
KPT provided Data Sets and Text Annotation Services in French, Tagalog, German Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Telugu, to our client who is leader in conversational AI and Automation, in different domains, totaling over 2 Lakh+ Utterances.
• Language Pair: French, Tagalog, German Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and Telugu
• Service type: Text Annotation & QA Check
• Utterances: 2 Lakh +
• Industry: NLP & Chatbots

Project Overview
• Project involves providing and annotating datasets in German and Tamil
• Annotation experts with excellent knowledge of Automobile and Finance
• Use of proprietary translation management system, Transflow for end-to-end management
• Stringent client review and QA process met by KPT Project Management team.
• Accomplished Project milestones & Client expectations within a very challenging time

Solution provided by KPT to client.
As with any kind of AI platform, training platform needs highest quality datasets, KPT deployed domain experts with contextual knowledge of automobile and finance across multiple industries and geographies. Annotations were sent to the client for approval, post approval, we doubled the volume and we scaled from 4 to 8 domain experts. We created a customized taxonomy to identify critical information within financial documents and call transcripts. 2 Step process was followed, and every utterance being annotated was QA’ed to ensure highest quality.

The Result:
We helped the client to achieve their primary goals listed below.
• Maximized agent productivity.
• Improved sales effectiveness
• Accelerated Resolution Process
• Improved customer satisfaction

About KeyPoint Technologies
KeyPoint Technologies through its proven expertise has pioneered native language messaging and communication with world’s largest language base. Spearheading research in linguistics and AI, it has built the best suited next generation language and device solutions. We are trusted partners to OEMs, Operators, and App Developers for developing intelligent interfaces, engines & input experiences. Our product range includes world’s first AI powered, user-initiated, multi-lingual, search and discovery platform,
Xploree; A multilingual, multipurpose conversational chatbot called Xbot. We are also identified as a leader in the localization industry, providing end-to-end translation and localization solutions to help our clients attain their global communication, marketing and revenue goals.