Case study:
Content Adaptation for Book Publishers
Client is a global trade book publishing company with prominent imprints across the world, publishing a broad range of award-winning books for children and adults in all categories and formats. Client has presence in over 50+ countries and has other divisions for learning partnering with researchers, educators and developers supporting students, instructors, and institutions across the world.

About the Project:
KPT provided Translation Services in Chinese, Arabic and French languages, totaling over 3 lakh words.
Service name: Translation, Back Translation
Language Pair: English to Chinese, Arabic and French
Service type: Translation/Back Translation
Word count: 3 Lakhs
Industry: Publishing

Project Overview
• Project involving 3 lakh word count to be translated into 3 languages.
• Content Writers with excellent knowledge and working experience in localizing content in publishing.
•Use of proprietary translation management system, Transflow for end-to-end management
• Stringent client review and QA process met by KPT Project Management team.
• Accomplished Project milestones & Client expectations within a very challenging time

Solution provided by KPT to client
Content Writing experts with expertise in content adaptation for books were handpicked through stringent selection process.
For this high-profile project selecting the right linguists with the knowledge of relevant subject area was vital. We used our proprietary tool that automatically selects an ideal list of linguists from our database that are required for the project. Selection is based on a proprietary algorithm built in our project management workflow system, which selects the best, most highly skilled linguistic team. For this project, we short-listed linguists with expertise in content adaptation for books.

Project Approach
We began building a term base, by running through the source content through a proprietary term extraction tool to generate a list of specialized source terms. Each translation team began by translating and vetting the list of terms. Each team was comprised of linguists who were native speakers of the target languages and subject matter specialists in the book publishing industry. We then created a bilingual glossary of terms, approved by the client to ensure consistency and accuracy.
After translation, back translation was performed for the translated books. Back translation is the independent translation of each target-language deliverable back into the original English. During the reconciliation stage, both source and back translation was compared, and the translators were
engaged to resolve the differences. The purpose of back translation is to perform linguistic validation. It also provides documentation demonstrating that adapted content received the highest level of quality assurance. This project required back translations for three language pairs.

Maintaining high quality standards via real time co-ordination with client reviewer
Client had a QA reviewer to review the translated content. As books were translated into different languages, so our team had to ensure that there was consistency in style & tone and local adaptation due to regional specific language requirements. The review process was real time, and the client reviewer would share feedback daily through proprietary platform which was accessible to both the teams and the required updates were done within 24 hours.

The Result:
The client published 10 books offline and online after collaborating with KPT for their translation. KPT served as a “one-stop-shop” language services vendor by providing not only creative translation services but also layout formatting, project management, and large file hosting services. As a result of our collaboration, the company has successfully entered the Chinese, Middle East and European markets where its books are now enjoyed by avid book readers from different countries

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