Case study: Application Localization

The client, a telecom giant from India, with a rapidly growing userbase, wanted us to help them translate and localise their application for large scale consumption by native language users.

Client: Giant telecom operator in the Indian market.

Be it your mobile, any other device, app or a game, adaptation of your UI for localized integration and consumption can become a challenge unless handled with care. Hence it becomes important to choose the right partner who can bring sanity to your localization efforts.We, at KeyPoint Technologies, understand the complexities that different localization projects involve, like finding untranslated strings, spacing issues, capitalization issues, integration errors, language specific issues, glossary and language rule related issues among many others. We bring you our linguistic expertise with over 2+ billion language strings localized and counting. Our linguistic expertise coupled with extensive expertise in handling product localization projects takes us beyond outsourced translators. Native language support with Keypoint encompasses creation of user-sensitive and contextually relevant translated text, considering unique device and app specific UI challenges.

Task at Hand
The localization need varies from client to client, hence there is no single stick which fits in for all. The client approached us with the core task of:
1. Providing the translation in 10 languages for different apps in the Sreelipi fonts covering around 1M words

About Client
Our client is the 3rd largest telecom company in terms of revenue in India with a rapidly growing userbase of 280 Million as on feb 2019. Our client has been a game changer in the telecom industry in India, providing easy and affordable access to the internet for millions of subscribers in the country.

The work at hand was simple and quite straight forward at prima-facie, but as we started evaluating the project we could foresee series of challenges that we needed to overcome to serve a flawless solution.

  1. Shreelipi Font: The clients’ team was too focused on using the Sreelipi fonts, which has two set of challenges added to it:
  2. The language resource with the competency and efficiency in the Shreelipi fonts was very difficult to source
  3. With our experience, we understood that Shreelipi fonts are not so user friendly and pose challenges when rendering and device support
  4. Convincing client to go for the Unicode fonts for better user experience and seamless integration

The first step in delivering a high-class service was to convince client to use the Unicode fonts instead of Shreelipi fonts.

  1. For buying the clients trust in the Unicode fonts:
    1. To convince the partner that Sreelipi fonts are not the right fit, we shared the sample translation for some set of words in the Sreelipi fonts and asked their team to check the compatibility first, before moving ahead with the solution.
    2. Our initial efforts of spending our time and energy paid off and client agreed to our proposal of going ahead with Unicode fonts instead of Shreelipi
  2. For Translation:
    1. Choosing the right Linguist with the required skillset of translator to ensure timely delivery
    2. Linguist were involved primarily for the grammar rules and logics
    3. Customized in-house tools were used for issues like, Spelling issues, Capitalization, Punctuation, Spacing issues, which helped in maintaining the shorter delivery cycle
    4. A mix approach of using QA tools like Trados and Xbench were used to identify any other errors
    5. All steps putting together leading the way for error free and consistent localization solution

The client was very happy with our consulting approach and appreciated our efforts and on-time delivery. The in-house tools and automation of some part of the work paid us well and helped us in ensuring the consistency in the results without compromising on the quality of the solutions. In addition, going ahead with the Unicode fonts instead of Shreelipi fonts put us on the right track with a better and more comprehensive solution.

About KeyPoint Technologies
KeyPoint Technologies through its proven expertise has pioneered native language messaging and communication with world’s largest language base. Spearheading research in linguistics and AI, it has built the best suited next generation language and device solutions. We are trusted partners to OEMs, Operators, and App Developers for developing intelligent interfaces, engines & input experiences. Our product range includes world’s first AI powered, user-initiated, multi-lingual, search and discovery platform, Xploree; A multilingual, multipurpose conversational chatbot called Xbot. We are also identified as a leader in the localization industry, providing end-to-end translation and localization solutions to help our clients attain their global communication, marketing and revenue goals.