Case study:
Translation and Proofreading
in Multiple Languages
The client a multinational corporation headquartered in Japan had an exhaustive
requirement that required KeyPoint to carry out translation and proofreading.
Proofreading 2 million words from 56 languages for Toyota SAT-NAV Device
Translation of 600 thousand words in 43 languages for OSS license
Translation and proofreading in 23 languages comprising of 1 million words for
the Suzuki SAT-NAV Device
A Japanese Multinational Corporation.
The first step in the delivering a high-class service to estimate the correct timelines and making
sure all the plans and services adhere to the same. Our solution comprises of:
Picking and choosing the right set of multiple translators with a history of delivering quality
outcomes in limited time
High level manual QA closely followed by available HMI rule document/Guidelines/Check lists,
making sure the end results was of higher quality
Developed Automation tool using Python Script which helps to check and validate the critical
Both the task at hand had their own set of challenges which needed to be overcome to serve
a flawless solution.
TAT Job has its own set of challenges, in this case the timeframe for delivering was our
biggest challenge.
To solve the above challenge we had to engage multiple translators facing yet another
challenge of maintaining consistency and quality.
Making language experts to adhere to stringent timelines without losing quality was
also a bighuddle.
The timeframe provided for this task was too short in comparison to the volume of
There were inconsistencies in the translation documentation and were adding to the
existing challenges.
Complex source file format and multiple files resulted in lots of efforts to prepare file
for translation.
Lack of Glossary and instruction for the languages to be translated.
Maintaining consistency across the files and languages due to huge word count.
1. Proofreading of Toyota Sat-Nav Device:
2. OSS License Translation:
3. Translation and Proofreading of Suzuki Sat-Nav Device :
1. For Proofreading:
The client expressed complete satisfaction and congratulated us for the on-time and error
free delivery. Our in-house tools and automation ensured that the solution rendered was
optimal, consistent and of the highest quality.
Our dedicated efforts encouraged the client to associate with us on multiple other projects.
Choosing the right translators/linguist with the required skillset of translator to ensure
timely delivery
Linguist were involved primarily for grammar rules and logics
Developed tool using Word2Vec model which translates source language into target
language using Google API and the same could be compared with human translation to
improve the translation quality.
Developed automation tool for content Merge/Extract/Update and to find punctuation
differences, which helped to reduce manual efforts.
We utilized our SDL multiterm tool which helps to create the terminology for multiterm
term base.
We installed language plugins to check the Grammar/Spell in the translation.
Customized in-house tools were used for issues like, Spelling issues, Capitalization,
Punctuation, Spacing issues, which helped us deliver in limited time
A mix approach of using QA tools like Trados and Xbench were used to identify any
other errors
Adherence of all steps mentioned above ensured error free and consistent localization
2. For Translation:
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