Case study:
Building, Verifying and Validating
Customized Language Corpuses
The client had a mandate for us to provide them a ready to integrate, built,
verified and validated language corpus solution to power the predictive
engines on their devices.
World’s largest manufacturer of consumer electronics and semi-conductors.
Headquartered in South Korea.
KeyPoint technologies a leader in the language space using advanced techniques in natural
language processing, machine learning and machine intelligence, provided the client with the
below mentioned services;
Services included:
1) Built & Ready to Integrate Language Corpus
2) Verification and Validation
KeyPoint used its experience in the domain to deliver the desired result by;
NLP Algorithms for Romanization and Transliteration of Indic and other Global Languages
Accurate Predictions using Advanced Deep Learning Methods
Sentiment Analysis Algorithms for Multiple Languages
Advanced In-house Quality Evaluation Tools-Keystroke Savings, Error Correction Accuracy,
Auto Correction Accuracy
Translation algorithms for Emoji Prediction across languages
Provided a customized, built language corpus for multiple languages
Validated and verified support for multiple languages
Romanization and Transliteration for different languages
Accurate Predictions.
Emoji Prediction.
The client wanted KeyPoint Technologies to power their mobile devices with a ready to
integrate, built, verified and validated language corpus, vocabulary, test set, rules, n-grams
for more than 30 languages. The languages included a mix of Asian and Global languages.
KeyPoint Technologies through its proven expertise has pioneered native language
messaging and communication with world’s largest language base. Spearheading research
in linguistics and AI, it has built the best suited next generation language and device
solutions. We are trusted partners to OEMs, Operators, and App Developers for
developing intelligent interfaces, engines & input experiences. Our product range includes
world’s first AI powered, user-initiated, multi-lingual, search and discovery platform,
Xploree; A multilingual, multipurpose conversational chatbot called Xbot. We are also
identified as a leader in the localization industry, providing end-to-end translation and
localization solutions to help our clients attain their global communication, marketing and
revenue goals.
KeyPoint Technologies