Case study:
Multilingual Language Translations &
Multilingual Software Localization
for a medical supplies and equipment manufacturer.
The client is into manufacturing products related to medical imaging systems,
laboratory diagnostics, endotherapy devices and sampling instruments.
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revenue goals.
KeyPoint Technologies
The client an established business operating in the field of medicine, supplying medical
equipment, wanted to make a foray into the Asian and Indian markets with their line of
products and offerings. The client, keen on establishing in the Indian and East Asian markets
wanted a comprehensive multilingual solution to launch their products in the mentioned
markets. They wanted an experienced localization partner that would help them localize all
product related information such as user manuals, packaging, labelling etc. in native
languages, in line with existing medical regulations in the state or country. The client also
wanted software localization to compliment brand and communication localization. The one
rider that the client specifically emphasized on was that all localizations efforts be compliant
to the existing rules and regulations governing the industry in the state or country. While
KeyPoint’s ability was adept at providing the client with a conclusive solution. It faced a
challenge of translating complex medical terminologies, technical terms and phrases specific
to the medical industry.
The solution envisaged by KeyPoint to best assist and fulfill the needs of the client;
1) Language Translation in Indic and Global languages
2) Embedded Software Localization in Indic and Global languages
Since the requirement needed strict vigilance in terms of compliance, KeyPoint assembled
the best linguists from the medical industry and engaged them through a pre-defined
workflow, to ensure optimum quality and efficiency.
Challenges of limited space on medical devices and longer translated strings was regularly
discussed with the client. Reference material provided by the client helped translators
understand the context and give out more concise results.
Our dedicated efforts ensured the client received;
Accurate and consistent translation
Increased Rate of Return, reduction in project cost by 40%
Maintained critical translation assets: Glossary and TM, assets that would benefit
the client in the long run.