Kore AI Case Study
Website Localization
Kore.ai pioneered the creation and adoption of AI-first virtual assistants by enterprises across all
industries and regions. Kore.ai has emerged as the trusted advisor and preferred technology
provider to automate conversational interactions for its Global 2000 customers.
Kore.ai’s conversational AI product portfolio has and will continue to transform enterprises by
automating delightful customer and employee experiences with unmatched contextual
About the Project:
KPT provided website localization, and SEO in 2 languages for Kore.AI, who is a pioneer in the
creation and adoption of AI-first virtual assistants for different enterprises.
Service: Website localization, Multilingual SEO
Language Pairs: English to Japanese and English to Korean
Word count: 15 Lakh words
Website: https://kore.ai/
Industry: AI & NLP
Requirements of the client:
Kore.AI was looking for a professional localization partner that could assist them with the
translation of their website into Japanese and Korean, using the WPML web platform. In addition
to translation, we were also tasked with providing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services for
both languages. Being a product specialist in AI and NLP fields, most of the client website
consisted of product specifications and technical information. For their global partners and
respective clients, it was crucial that the solutions they provide are captured accurately in multiple
Website localization into multiple languages
As part of their global expansion plan, Kore.AI was looking for a professional localization partner
who could assist them in translating their entire website content into Japanese and Korean, which
would help them increase their global footprint and market outreach. The scope of the project
required embedding a large number of product material into the relevant sections of the website,
including parts catalogues, specification sheets, and product videos.
Multilingual Search Engine Optimization
A very important client requirement for this project was to provide multilingual Search Engine
Optimization (SEO) services for their website. The SEO tasks included optimizing title tags, meta
descriptions, backlinks, Hreflang tags, as well as image optimization.
Accommodating scope enhancements
For their newly revamped website, the client required additional tasks, such as adding new pages,
establishing connections between contact forms and the database, and creating other features.
This required multiple additions to the scope, which we had to integrate carefully with the
previously completed portions of the website and ensure the content quality was not compromised
across different languages.
Solution provided by KPT:
KeyPoint Technologies helped Kore.AI overcome regional boundaries and present their chatbot
and NLP solutions in a way that their global business partners and customers could relate to and
identify with.
The high-level overhaul of the company website helped enhance Kore.AI’s branding and product
outreach across multiple international markets. KPT worked on localization of the website based
on our extensive consultative discussions with the client. Keeping in mind the translation quality
and language nuances, such as scripts in Japanese and Korean, our team made sure all features
were localized accurately in respective languages.
All the website content, such as product manuals, videos, and the partner portal have been
thoroughly reviewed and translated accurately and inserted into the correct sections of the website
with the fit-for-purpose security measures for global consumption.
Ensuring connect with local partners through native
translation consistency in tone and style
Working with linguists with experience in AI and NLP was crucial for this project. For this project,
we selected linguists with expertise in AI & NLP fields according to a proprietary algorithm built
into our project management workflow system. Since localization task involved multiple languages,
our linguists provided transcreation to ensure consistency in style and tone across local markets,
customers, and partners.
Smart and agile framework for articulate planning
and seamless execution
As the project required transferring a large number of files to the WordPress site post-translation,
we used the concept of language connector via the WPML Plugin/Dashboard. We used this
technique to export content to our TMS seamlessly and import it right back. Moreover, the relevant
section is auto-populated without the need for any manual intervention. Thanks to this approach,
Kore.AI was able to expedite the content review process.
Our client review process was made simpler and easier by hosting translations on a test link before
sending it to their team for review. We also provided the client access to the same test links, along
with an easy-to-fill Excel format wherein the client’s reviewers could easily document any
suggestions/changes to be made to the website. As a result of this contextual clarity, we and the
client's reviewers were able to achieve flawless translation quality.
The KPT team worked diligently to create a fresh and dynamic website for the company in various
One-stop, end-to-end localization service provided
Successfully provided professional SEO services in complex languages
Used transcreation techniques to ensure consistency in style and tone
KeyPoint Technologies
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